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Tether support for Ricoh GR III / Ricoh GR IIIx

Not currently planned



  • Daniel Novakovic

    Plus 1 on this request. Being able to tether my GRiiiix would be awesome

  • Christian G
    Product Manager

    Hi Adam Secore

    Thank you for the request. While it is not in our current plans to develop tethering for Ricoh cameras, I am very curious to learn more amount your use case for the GR. Can you explain more on the look that you get with the GR-series cameras? 

  • Adam Secore

    Hello Christian, thank you for looking into this. Ricoh cameras first caught my attention years ago; however, due to the limitations in megapixels and sensor size in the past, I never took them seriously for commercial or fine art work. Today, the GR III and GR III x come with an APS-C sensor and process a 25-megapixel file. It's essentially the best quality you can find for the compact size that can go anywhere. The only difference between the III and the X is the lens, both fixed primes with different focal lengths. The quality and color that come out of these cameras are absolutely incredible. Their "positive film" setting (JPEG PROCESSING) is reason enough to buy their camera. I know that sounds ridiculous; however, they have absolutely nailed it. I have come close to processing the raw to match the JPEG, but it’s very difficult. If you search for Ricoh positive film, you will see what I'm talking about regarding the look.

    The best part about this camera, besides its size, is its customization. You can customize almost every aspect of this camera and lock the focus distance for rapid shooting. This is really helpful in the studio when you know your distance isn’t going to change from your subject. Capture One Pro is an essential tool for me, so much so that I ditched my Hasselblad XCD system for FUJI GFX because of compatibility and workflow. Being able to collaborate on set with a team is the industry standard now. When I switch to shooting on SD after shooting tethered, the entire flow changes. The most recent addition of Capture Live has changed the game for many reasons. It allows me to collaborate more closely with clients allowing them to art direct remotely while allowing for selects on the fly. Stopping to upload SD cards manually fully interrupts the flow and is incredibly time-consuming and messy. Because of the compact size of the Ricoh, they come with me on every shoot. While Nikon and FUJI are both my primary systems used with Capture One, there is absolutely room for Ricoh and would absolutely be appreciated by many. 

  • FirstName LastName

    Wonderfully said. Im also in love with the Ricoh GR IIIx for the same reasons and shoot with it in studio.

    Its a pain to transfer the pictures and have a steady workflow and since Capture 22 cant read the RAWs from the GR IIIx I have to batch convert the exif's to make Capture believe its the GR III (who has the same sensor) to get correct colors.

    I know it is updated in Capture 23 but I dont see the point to pay 300 Euro for being able to develop the RAWs of a camera which is way older then the Capture version I'm already using.

    With tethered shooting for the Ricoh I would update in a second.


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