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Keying Background to transparent ( upgraded overlay tool ? )


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    I would certainly be very interested in this capability, as I have been putting of using Capture One for my tethering in favour of Lightroom because I did not realise Capture One had so much to offer in line with Adobe, and appears to be very much user friendly. I only downloaded it a few hours ago and I am already keen to make the switch. I am a keen photo manipulation fan so need to remover my backgrounds, which I save as .png files. In the few hours I have been using Capture One I am impressed with the masking tools, but so far, the only .png file I have managed to save, was created by masking myself as the main character and bringing the background transparency right down, before exporting it to GIMP where within minutes thanks to Capture One doing all the hard work, there was me .png file. ( I find the masking better here than Gimp and as for Adobe, I gave up before I really every got started)


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