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problem to download pictures to session



  • Brian Jordan

    You're going to need to provide more context before anyone can help you?  From where are you trying to drag photos?  Windows/Mac? Are you trying to drag within Capture One or using the OS file manager?

  • FirstName LastName

    Hi Brian , sorry i did not response for such a long time. 

    1st under file i create new session

    2nd i click "import" from folder my JPGs are,

    3rd nothing more ;-) That message pops and C1 for some reasons do not recognize those files .Strange ,a bit frustrating . Using Mac system. Really do not now what I'm  doing wrong .Those are scaned film images from Harman lab in California. Never have this kind of problem downloading images from sd card 

  • FirstName LastName name is Greg. Really appreciate your response,Thank You


  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Greg – are these black and white images with a grayscale color profile? Capture One requires an RGB color profile. Convert grayscale color profile images to RGB and Capture One will recognize them.


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