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Je demande les support de toutes les téléobjectif Nikon F et Z (Pourquoi vous ne supportez plus aucune optiques Nikon Z ou F de chez Nikon depuis un an ou deux ?)



  • Eric

    Capture One does its own measurements for lens corrections, so they will only make the effort when enough users of a particular lens request it. Did you request it? They won't do it just because a lens exists.

    If you don't want to rely on Capture One, then I would recommend using DxO PureRAW. This will solve both your lens correction and noise issues.

    Hasselblad will unlikely be ever supported, they are a direct competitor in the MF camera space. There is no incentive for Capture One to support their cameras. Pentax 645Z seems to be supported according to this list. While Fujifilm has MF too, they likely have an agreement with Capture One that financially compensates them very well. Fuji cameras & lenses always get first-class treatment in C1, there's a reason for that.

    As for your other requests, there is a separate forum for feature requests. However, these features have already been requested, so search for those entries and upvote those requests. DO NOT create new requests if similar ones already exist, it dilutes the vote.

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    To add to Eric's observations;

    For some years now manufacturers have relied on digital data for the lens to make corrections to limitations or design compromises, manufacturing and general variability. We could hope that most of the lenses produced today, especially very long lenses, have excellent results without the need for further adjustment.

    If not they may not be a good investment, especially if they are priced as premium products. 

    I recall that this has been mentioned by C1 staff once or twice and in most cases with modern lense there seems to be little or nothing that might be done for optical correction. Personal preferences might suggest some correction of light falloff and sharpness falloff.

    One wonders if any examples of expensive modern lenses that seem to require significant additional correction might be faulty in some way. Of require a firmware update perhaps?

  • AD

    To comment to SFA:

    You are completeley right.

    If you buy a new Nikon Z lens of the S series, there is no need for any correction, as they are such fantastic lenses.... If you ask for support for a Sigma lens, that´s your own fault.... Never try to save money on a lens, you will always be disappointed about the results..... at least this is my experience (and I have spent lots of money for excellent lenses)...


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