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canon eos 7d tether to capture one mobile (iphone/ipad) crashes app immediately



  • Rick Ferris

    Same exact occurrences with my 7D.  I just had the mini USB port on my camera repaired because it was loose and causing me import problems to Lightroom so I thought that was the likely cause.  I'm also using the Apple adapter cable which was working perfectly fine.  I tried different cords and rebooting my phone.  Every time when I thought my camera would connect, that's when the app would crash and quit.  Need serious help and quick fix!!  I'm tempted to buy another Apple adapter to see if it works but my gut says it's the app.

  • Philipp Steinkellner

    just an update: with latest capture one mobile (2.2.4) canon 7d can tether again, but with latest capture one desktop (, released today) it still crashes immediately at connection of the canon 7d. apple photos app on the same mac m1 has no problem, so there is no connection issue with the mac but with c1.


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