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just got the pro version but in working in it all my edited photos became RAF files, how do I get them back to JPEG



  • John Friend
    Top Commenter

    RAF files are your RAW files.  When you edit a RAW file, the edits are saved separately from the RAW file and the RAW file itself is not changed. 

    To create a JPEG from an edited RAW file, you Export the image and pick JPEG as the export format.  There should be an Export toolbar button and you can also find it in the File menu.  You can then decide where you want to put the exported JPEG - it can either be in the same directory hierarchy as the RAW file or in a separate directory hierarchy and you can pick several parameters for the exported JPEG.  I put mine in a separate location and I only export them for a specific use.  The RAW file in my Capture One catalog serves as my master file that can be re-edited or tweaked for any particular use.

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    John is right, but I assume you wonder why your RAF (raw) files don't have the look of your Fuji film similation you might have set in camera?

    In the browser panel in C1 they still look like the JPGs you expect but in the viewer panel they don't?

    If that is your question... the reason is that your camera embeds a small JPG file into the RAF file, this small JPG file is used by most applications as a preview to show what the image is about. But the raw data in your RAF file only represents sensor data. A raw developer (like C1) needs to read and interpret the raw sensor data and make a JPG out of it.

    Your camera also has a raw developer built in, that is the reason why you can see a JPG on your camera screen, in your viewfinder, and why the camera can store a JPG file on your card, and embed a small JPG preview in the RAF file.

    Now, understand that every raw developer interprets the sensor data differently. C1 is not a Fujifilm camera. But an approximation of the 'look' of your Fuji film simulation can (more or less) be achieved by selecting it in the Base Characteristics tool (the curve dropdown) in C1. Other camera settings  are meaningless for C1, as C1 has its own tools and settings.

  • Lori Bockelken

    I see that now, thanks so much


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