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Keyword problem



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    There is a very important option in C1 when working with several images, menu Image>Edit all selected. Also a big icon which you can customize to appear in the main tool bar:

    Note that the "bold" bordered image is called "primary variant" in the documentation, it is the one which is "more" selected than the other selected ones.

    If this option is enabled a click on a keyword in the keyword tool keyword library tool should appy it to all your selected images. Note the minus sign in a keyword if it is not assigned to all selected images.

    This option has effect on many actions in C1.

    "Edit all selected" option is a typical beginners 'headache' and it needs some time to get used to it (because it is not consistently available for all actions in C1, e.g. metadata entry), but it is a handy feature if you can keep your selection of images and just turn the option OFF if you want to do an action on the primary (bold) image only, or ON if you want to affect all selected.


  • FirstName LastName

    “Beginners headache” indeed. Thank you so much for your helpful response, BeO. You’ve gone to length to help me and I appreciate it. Best, Doug


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