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Wish List for Ai Masking



  • Stephen Hopkirk

    Agree with this request, got to say C1s first stab at AI masking is excellent, much better than I expected so well done to the development team. Please build on this to make it even better and help with editing and workflow.

  • David Fay

    Apparently there is a work around for pre-building the masks. I haven't used it myself yet, but someone on facebook said that if you have a bunch of images selected, and also the ai brush selected, it will prebuild masks for the whole set.

  • David Fay


    Yes, you can of course use the AI brush to make these selections on individual photos. I'm looking for a way to batch create those masks so the same adjustments can be applied automagically to a set of images.

    I haven't used lightroom in over 6 years, pre-masking, but I'll take your word for what I've described being similar to what they offer.

    I use masks on every image I put out, so there would be no masks built that I don't use. The reason for pre-building the masks would be so that when trying different styles on an image I wouldn't have to wait each time.

    I don't feel that I am getting slow performance per se, but when editing images in bulk (like a set of 100 or a gallery of 1000) inefficiencies like the ones in the current system can turn into large waiting periods very quickly. If I need to re-edit a set of 100 images, right now I have to rebuild all the masks on those images, which can take a longer amount of time than I am happy staring at a screen while being unable to work.

    12700, 3080ti, 64gb, everything on SSD connected via usb 3.1 or higher. I'm not top of the line but I should have more than enough power to use the system efficiently. I also have a 11700 3060 32gb laptop. Both machines run everything else in Capture1 fine, but when batch editing using the new masking system I will sometimes need to leave the machine for 10+ minutes while it does calculations it has already done before.

    Good job on (incorrectly) assuming my intentions and equipment though. What a constructive contribution. Maybe more people would use this forum if it wasn't full of condescension and ignorant discord. Event photographers make up the largest niche of professional photography on the planet, and if you want to convince any of them to convert over to a new tool, workflow efficiency has to be a #1 priority. You wouldn't get it if you don't do this sort of work on a full time basis.

  • David Fay

    To be clear, I'm not looking for faster performance. I'm looking for more efficiency in the way the system is implemented as it pertains to a production focused workflow. Obviously faster hardware would make things run faster, that's not what I'm talking about here.

  • David Fay


    pre-building masks would be an overnight task, or one completed when your workstation was otherwise being un used. storage is cheap and I have tons of it. the thing I am lacking in is time, and being able to perform tasks in advance when otherwise my computer would be sitting idle would buy me back some of that time. the majority of us who do production style work are already implementing a workflow like this, for tasks such as building previews or applying styles/auto corrections, some processes of which can take hours to complete (say building previews for offline viewing of 20k files)

    there are two masks i have suggested pre-building. one is the subject/background mask, which can only ever be built one way, so it seems ridiculous to be building it more than once for a single image. the second mask is the hi-res mask that is created when zoomed in. this mask isn't based on where the cursor is pointed, but is based on the whole image. both of these tasks are tasks that should only need to be completed once. it seems you don't really understand how the system works.

    If you could be so kind as to point out even a single constructive suggestion from your first comment, I must have missed it myself, as I can't find it anywhere. it seems like you just told me that i should stop trying to copy a feature from a different program, one that i've never actually used, and then to buy a new PC. how silly of me to think that hardware 1 tier away from top end that is a year old is already due for replacement.

    sorry you're leaving, I'll miss your valuable input.


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