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Clear statement about camera support (Nikon Zf)



  • Jürgen Pfeiffer

    Hallo Thomas,

    to get an official statement I think you should contact Capture One by filing a support request. This is only a community forum for other users.


  • Thomas Schneider

    Hallo Jürgen,

    You're right.

    I thought I could get a statement from the moderators, or from someone who is a bit "closer" and has more reliable information.

    The forum is full of complaints that there is hardly any help to be expected from the support team.

    With this poor flow of information, especially in connection with the new license system, I have decided against updating my C1 version (even with 50% off).

    Thanks for your answer.


  • Paul Möller

    Hallo Thomas ,

    I fully understand your concerns regarding information flow and licensing . Probably I will also not upgrade my perpetual license - 50% of a lot of money results still in a lot of money and will not reduce the disadvantages for this type of license in the new scheme . Perhaps the competition can offer more for our money .

    Regards - Paul


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