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Monochromatic Settings for Fuji Shooters



  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Take a look at the Color Balance tool. It is perfect for "color grading" to add a warm or cool feel to an image.

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    For your general understanding, Kurt Slater, the 'rendering engines' algorithms / color interpretation of Fuji sensor data in the camera (or any camera sensor in any camera) and Capture One (or any other non-Fuji raw developer software), are different. So are film simulations. That means it is highly likely that there will be differences.

    C1 and any other raw developer, as well as the in-camera firmware, will start with the raw sensor data and transfer ('demosaic') this data into a pixel based image (jpg, tiff), and their are numerous algorithms how to do that.

    Under the Base Characteristic tool in C1 you can select the C1 interpretation of the Fuji camera color renderings.

    And there might be commercial style packs available for C1 which try to simulate certain film stock. 

    They might be close, but not identical. When it comes to additionally changed settings in camera, these will not be transferred to C1.

    Walter is right, the Color Balance tool is a good tool for toning, even if you set the image to B&W in C1.



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