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Export Recipes affect the Shape Menu Crop Size



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Hi FirstName LastName

    Not sure I fully understand your issue, if below is not hitting the nail maybe you can provide screenshots.


    Why does Export Recipes affect the Shape Menu Crop Size dimensions

    I think you have set the ratio to "Output".

    The size values change if you change your recipe or switch to another recipe. But it has no impact on the actual ratio if you set your recipe scale to 80%. The intended feature here is that you can see the resolution in pixels, depending on the recipe, when you are using the crop tool. This might help you to decide if you want either crop differently or export with a higher pixel size later. 


    Turns out last time I used Export I set the output to 80% size

    So does that mean I need to always reset the Export settings to full size.

    If you change a recipe C1 will remember the new settings.

  • FirstName LastName

    After Export the size values change to what ever was in the Export menu

    I normally use size for Facebook or Twitter (as X does not allow 8256x5504 any more, they use to allow and resize) Using 80% allows for Posting to X iirc

    So those numbers change to like 1365 x 2048 (or 80% of 8256 & 5504)

    This is the WEB size recipe which was set with the last export and it sets the size to that , Unless I access Export and select full size and exit back

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Change the "ratio" drop down to a predefined ratio. Or define your own.

    Or, leave it as "Output" and define an export recipe with absolute pixel values, if you want to control export with absolute pixels. For easier switching of recipes you can add the export tool tab to your tools panel.

  • FirstName LastName

    Thank you, I have to unlearn years of using Lightroom, and start thinking C1.

    I picked C1 recently as I got a 14-30mm Lens for my Nikon and found C1 gives me more control and easier to Keystone my photos. OK LR might be close but the way C1 does it seems way easier at least for me.

    Also it seems to give more control over the RAW data of the files and looks like it understands Nikon NEF files better.

    I now have 1 year to learn C1 and figure out how to use it. Also the Tether is way better then LR

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    The crop tool always displays the dimensions of the image you would get using the currently selected recipe. So you may have a raw file that is 6000x4000 pixels. If your currently selected recipe is for output to Facebook with a 2048 longest edge, the crop tool will always show 2048. If it is output at 50% size, the crop tool will show half the number of pixels, so 3000x2000 uncropped. if your recipe is for printing at 12 inches x 8 inches, the crop tool will show 12x8 inches. If you want to see the actual number of pixels you are cropping to, make sure the recipe you have selected uses 100% scaling.



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