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  • Marcin Mrzygłocki
    Top Commenter

    Can you elaborate, what is wrong or what kind of a process do you expect? As another user, I don't see anything wrong.

  • John Friend
    Top Commenter

    Well, here are the update steps on Windows going from 16.3.1 to 16.3.2.

    1. Hit Check for Updates
    2. Decipher the screen you're given (which is a horrible UI) and click on a version number to download)
    3. This takes you to the web-site where you login to your account
    4. Then, you look around on the screen you're taken to to find what you want.  You click download.
    5. You choose the platform
    6. You select where to put the download and hit OK
    7. It downloads there
    8. Then, you click on the download to launch the installer
    9. The installer launches and you pick your language
    10. You get  prompt that Capture One is already running, so you go shut it down
    11. Then, the installer comes up and you accept the license
    12. Accept the install location
    13. Skip creating a desktop shortcut
    14. Start the install
    15. When done, it prompts you to restart your computer (why the heck does it do this?)
    16. Restart my computer
    17. Start up Capture One
    18. The stupid Resource Hub windows comes up again even though I already turned it off previously
    19. Then, hardware acceleration decides to set itself up again which is about a 5 minute task (on a minor 3rd decimal version upgrade)
    20. Then, sometime later you clean up the download

    Clearly, this is NOT an efficient workflow optimized for the UPGRADE process.  Steps 3-16 and 18 (except for accepting the license) could ALL by skipped by a smarter installer that was optimized for an upgrade because ALL those prompts are already known from the prior installation.

    Other programs I own prompt me that an update is available and ask me if I want to install it.  If so, they just go do it without asking me anything more except maybe accepting a license and granting permission to autoclose the existing app instance.

  • Marcin Mrzygłocki
    Top Commenter

    I would say this is a satirical comment with TWENTY list items, if it was NOT real... I did not pay attention to that, yet somehow I can't find time to move from 16.2.5 to 16.2.6 🤔

  • John Friend
    Top Commenter

    Marcin Mrzygłocki

    Yeah, I won't be upgrading that often either without a compelling reason to do so.  And, I've got it installed on two computers too.  There is essentially no "upgrade" process.  Every install is a re-install pretty much from scratch.  They don't even take you to do the download automatically, even when initiating the process from a licensed version.  About all they saved me is re-entering the license key.

  • FirstName LastName

    I agree, Capture One's upgrade process is currently not very good, especially compared to other Mac apps. 

    Lightroom, for example, can be auto-updated through either Adobe CC or even easier, the Mac App Store. And then other outside-the-Mac-App-Store apps use software like Sparkle ( to auto update. You just click and it downloads, replaces, and launches. 

    Capture One's current process with having to go to the website and having to navigate back to the download page and everything is just something that is surely introducing so much work that people don't update. I know I dread doing it now.


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