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January 2024 Livestreams




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    David Grover

    Hi jozef dassen

    I agree the term "AI" can be thrown around far too freely, even when Ai is not in use.  However, Capture One does use an Ai model to determine the construct of an image, so certainly not fallacy.  

    Equally it was the most requested feature in Capture One's history.  So I will certainly challenge you on it being a meaningless marketing term.  ;)

    If you would like to see improvements to the metadata tool and features then I would encourage you to add a post here (if you have not already done so) -

  • jozef dassen

    Actually none of the updates last year was of any interest for me. This AI stuff is just a meaningless marketing term, not innovation.  What I am really waiting for, already since a long time, is a proper update of the Metadata handling. The current metadata screen is very user unfriendly, incomplete and buggy. 


  • John Harper

    Hi David,

    Why no Livestreams this month.



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