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Write metadata to all selected images at once



  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    In the metadata tool there is a "…" icon. Press that icon and choose "Save metadata" (I think) and it will write the XMP file for all selected images provide you have Edit All Selected enabled.

  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    You should be able to populate the common metadata for one image and then copy and paste that to all other selected images.

    You should also be able to create a "Style" for the metadata and apply that to all selected images. If prepared in advance the Style (or possible a preset if that is sufficient for your needs) can be applied at the point of import.

    There are other ways to perform a mass update of all selected images on a field-by-field basis. That is useful if many, but not all, images share the same data for that field.

  • Jakub Roguski

    If I select several images and write for example IPTC headline, it is written in the first selected image only. Doesn't matter if I sync metadata or not.

    Regarding import styles - the problem is that I have already imported and processed about 32 000 images. Importing them again, just to use "Style" during import, is not an option at all, as I would lose all the processing info.

    Regarding copying from one image to others: I tried but it doesn't work.

    What I do is:

    1. write headline in one image,

    2. sync metadata,

    3. use the double arrow icon on top of the metadata panel,

    4. select Headline,

    5. press "Copy",

    6. select other images,

    7. use the double arrow icon on top of the metadata panel,

    8. select Headline,

    9. press "Apply".

    Nothing changes in the metadata of the other images I want to copy Headline to - field is still empty.

  • Clemens Capitain

    Hi, normally it should work as you do, but the dialog and process ist a little confusing. Try the following:

    1. Change the contents of one image as desired

    2. select other all images to apply to, making sure your source image is the main variant (thicker frame around image)

    3. in the metadata tool click the double arrow

    4. it should say something like "apply the following metadata from <<source image name here>>"

    5. mark all fields whose contents you want to copy

    6. press apply

    Now all your target images should have the same contents. 

    Cheers Clemens

  • Boris Tomsic

    you're missing just one thing: make sure "Edit Selected" is activated
    (series of overlapping rectangles at top-right should be orange)

  • Jakub Roguski

    Hi Clemens,

    Thanks a lot - it works this way!

    "Little confusing", you say :-D


  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    One of the things about the Clipboard is that it retains the data last copied to it until it is overwritten by the next "Copy" activity.

    If you do not have the Clipboard tool open at the time this all happens in the background so the current state of the Clipboard contents is not always immediately obvious.

    There are times when a slightly different approach to mass updates might be useful by updating field by field, for all selected images, using drag and drop.

    If you have the metadata tool open and are viewing an image with the required field(s) already populated, you can select all of the images that need the data in a field, make sure that "edit all" is active, and simply hold-click on one of the selected images then drag over the field. All of the selected images will be updated.

    I find there are times when this can be more efficient (or no less efficient!) than using the Copy and Paste approach when updating 2 or 3 specific field for a whole session or when applying specific fields of metadata to a subset of the entire project.

  • Tim Wilkes

    You mentioned the need  to "share image data between applications"  I've been asking for a function to export metadata to a text file to achieve that same thing. This could be done by selecting all of the images needed, then selecting which metadata fields to include (i.e. Keywords, Description, Rating ...). Then the text file is created with a line for each image, starting with the image ID. This text file can then be imported into other applications. I used this method for taking keywords added using Extensis Portfolio, then importing them into a web application I have so that images can be searched by keywords. Hopefully the Capture One software engineers will consider this?

  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    I thought that was (partly) what XMP files are for.

    I tend to export images with EXIF metadata embedded on output which makes the files searchable in Windows and. presumably, other applications.

    If you are using very small thumbnails for the metadats search enabled storage that might not work for you.


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