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  • Todd Quinn

    The OM-1 Mk II system releases on February 27, 2024. I'll have pictures from it at the end of March that I would like to process in Capture One. Biggest change I can see is an upgrade to 14-bit RAW files (up from 12-bit).

    I'm do for another software upgrade so the faster you can add this support, the faster I'll drop more money in your lap for the updated version :)

  • Richard Stead

    I have OM-1 MkII now and CaptureOne does not recognise its RAW files. How soon will this be resolved please.


  • Andreas Stiller

    +1 for the support of OM-1 Mark II from my side

  • Petr Bambousek

    +1 my vote + support of new 14bit HiRes Shot 🙏

  • David Sainsbury

    Support for the new body as of now, received the body last week

  • Thorsten Buller

    please support the OM1 mark 2

  • Ray Taylor

    Totally agree, we need OM1mkii support please or at least a date when you think we will have it.

  • Hugo Rodriguez

    Another vote for both the OM-1 and the OM-1 MkII.

    This is a big miss, these cameras are so great for still life in studio due to their wide DOF and the highres shot with 80Mpx in-camera outperforms almost any other out there.

  • Bernd Klett

    Please support the om1 ii

  • jandieck

    Please support the om1 ii. My current version is As soon as the om 1 ii is supported I will buy the current capture one version.

  • Massimo Quarta

    Bought few days ago the All in One annual subscription but just discovered that there is no support for OM 1 MKII files.
    Please fix the problem because it is quite frustrating and, frankly speaking, not correct.

    Thank you

  • Karl Grabherr

    Please can you tell us, when Capture One Pro will support the new OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II? This is an urgent request, because i had already an assignment with the OM-1 II and cannot process the RAWs with Capture One. I have to use Lightroom (uarghhh....), which already supports the OM-1 Mark II files, but it is by no means a replacement for Capture One! So please, please hurry up and bring out the new release with OM-1 Mark II support. And don't forget that we now have 14bit HighRes RAWs and optionally 12bit HighRES RAWs. I don't know, what it means for your software development, but its very important for us OM SYSTEM users, amateurs and pros alike. Thanks in advance!!!

    Best regards


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