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Copy file to different hard drive



  • Abbott Schindler

    I've done this before by simply naming the new drive exactly the same as the old one and then doing a [Mac] Finder copy or using [Mac] Carbon Copy Cloner. I assume that similar file copy/drive synchronization capabilities are available for Windows.

    What I'd do is first format the new drive, then copy the files, and finally rename the new drive to the same as the old one. Then connect only the new drive(s) to your computer and Capture One should be fine.

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    As Abbott Schindler explains you can copy to a new drive and name the new drive the same as the old drive. Make sure you remove both drives after copying is complete, and then plug in only the new drive. Then look in /Volumes and make sure the new drive is mounted as /Volumes/DRIVENAME like the old one.

    Capture One catalogs remember drive names AND full paths to the files including /Volumes/DRIVENAME.

    For example the catalog will refer to /Volumes/DRIVENAME/path/to/my/rawfile.NEF


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