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Difficultés de connexion avec Nikon Z6 : Besoin d'aide pour shooter en connecté avec Capture One


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    Hello HBgraphy

    I typed a question into Microsoft Copilot and the AI-generated reply seems to cover most of the issues I remember reading about in the forum. So here is the response.


    Search term: Capture One Software Nikon Z6 Tether Connection Drops Frequently

    From MS Copilot:

    Many Nikon Z6 users have reported that their tether connection to Capture One software drops frequently, interrupting their workflow and causing frustration. This report will examine the possible causes and solutions for this issue, based on user feedback and technical analysis.

    One possible cause of the tether connection drop is a faulty or incompatible USB cable. Some users have found that using a different cable, preferably one that is certified by Nikon or Capture One, solved their problem. Alternatively, using a powered USB hub or a tether booster can also improve the stability of the connection.

    Another possible cause is a software conflict or bug. Some users have reported that updating their firmware, drivers, and Capture One software to the latest versions resolved the issue. Others have suggested that disabling any antivirus or firewall software, or closing any other applications that might interfere with the tether connection, helped them avoid the connection drop.

    A third possible cause is a hardware or power issue. Some users have noticed that their tether connection drops when their camera battery is low, or when they use a battery grip. To prevent this, it is recommended to use a fully charged battery, or to connect the camera to an AC power adapter. Additionally, some users have reported that using a memory card in the camera, or turning off the camera's LCD screen, improved the tether connection stability.

    In conclusion, there are several possible causes and solutions for the tether connection drop issue between Nikon Z6 and Capture One software. Users who experience this issue should try the suggestions above, or contact Nikon or Capture One support for further assistance.


    The one thing I would add to this is that I remember some years ago that one particular Nikon body sometimes had problems with the cable fit and power supplied by the USB socket. However, I do not remember which body was affected.


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