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How to reconnect a single file and importing scanned negative files


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  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    I don't know whether Capture One not handling greyscale is because of a technical limitation or not. 

    However, there is surely an easier way to import the image again in RGB format, without Capture One toiling through all the files eliminating duplicates. Either

    • make sure you know the filename of the image you want to import, then in the import dialog uncheck exclude duplicates and select by name just the image you want.


    • before trying to import the image, copy it or move it to another folder - perhaps a temporary folder set up for the purpose with only that image in it, and import it from there.

    I don't quite understand your comment about two separate import sessions, unless you mean that you are in a catalog and it would now be in a separate item in the recent imports list. But you can always work in the folder the images are actually in, rather than in recent imports, which is only a virtual collection anyway. 




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