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moving album from one collection to another



  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Try this? Not sure you have to provide the full hierarchy of the collection you want to move.

    tell application "Capture One 22" 
    tell current document
    move collection id "444" to end of collection id "436"
    end tell
    end tell
  • William Steele

    Thanks for your reply but no, it is necessary to provide the full hierarchy: collection id "444" (the album) is not in the collections of the document (the catalog), but rather is in the collections of collection id "443" (the project) which, in turn, is in the collections of collection "436" (the group). And it is this collection (the group) which is an element of the document's collections. So, if your suggestion is executed, an invalid reference will result (and I did try it to verify). I am quite sure that the references in my original post are correct and that the move command as written there conforms to the C1 AppleScript dictionary, so I think that either the move command doesn't work or the dictionary is mistaken in some way.


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