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Identify tools which have been used/changed - Trying to reopen the Thread



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Thanks Mike Escoffery.

    Feature requests have moved to, see this post:

    and my specific request is here


  • BeO
    Top Commenter


    Repeating your design idea of a separate window which only lists the tools doesn't make it suitable to the way Mike and I want to work, btw, as other raw converters have it implemented. Take for example DXO Photolab, you can activate/deactivate a tool, you can easily see which is activated and which isn't, and you can even filter for only activated tools, i.e. hiding the others, in the tool tab they are placed. 

    If you want something similar to your dedicated window: In C1 you can create a custom tool tab which holds all available tools, and if you pair that with a filter for used tools then you have all used tools in one place (like in your window), at least for the selected layer.

    Your dedicated window, though a nice addition for some use cases, and even if you could jump directly to a tool from there, is an extra step for each tool you want to adjust differently and uses extra space on the screen and complicates the way how we work today and how we envision to work with the requested feature. We don't only want to see what tool has changed but efficiently work with those or the other tools. It simply isn't the same feature and does not serve the purpose well.

  • Mike Escoffery

    Thanks BeO.

    I Didn't realize they'd switched to a different platform for feature requests. Will go add my support there.


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