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Rename batch issue



  • George Ball

    I had this same issue yesterday.  Nothing had changed with CO 16.3 but I suddenly couldn't do batch rename. I decided to install the latest CO 16.4.? (for which I found that it was considered an upgrade and had to pay). The same thing was present with the new version.  I finally used Time Machine (Mac Studio M1) to restore all the Capture One related info in Application Support.  That solved the problem but I don't know the initial cause.

    I did have to rebuild all my batch rename presets which was a hassle but not a major time consumer.

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Please open support cases to report issues. Capture One does not use the forums to track issues. The forums are primarily for users to help other users.

  • George Ball

    Actually, I did open a support case and also informed CO about the potential solution that I found. In my case it wasn't a major client issue but it still indicates that there might be a bug in the software.


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