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Export Original Files not working when trying to export files culled previously with Photo Mechanic – Code: 0



  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    extension case is not the issue. make sure capture one has permissions on the destination volume / folder.

  • Daniel Vegel

    Hi Walter,

    Many thanks for your comment. Capture One should have all the permissions since I export the original files daily for archiving, and I have never encountered this issue. So, the problem must be related to incorporating Photo Mechanic into the workflow (culling) before editing in C1.

    I checked the files in Finder to see if Photo Mechanic locks them or something like that. But it looks all good, not locked. The only differences I see are the lowercase extension and the XMP files associated with each .nef file. Usually, there wouldn't be XMP files, only a CaptureOne folder created by C1 during the export, which would contain the Cache and Settings folders.


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