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Performance Problems with on M1 Mac



  • Sven Koesling

    Rebuilding the image core kernels as described here helped a little bit, but the solution was to disable hardware acceleration within the preferences.

    I don't know why, but after disabling hardwar acceleration the images are developed within a fraction of a second...

  • I have performance problems too (I admit I have an older mac, the last Intel MacBook 16", but I don't think that the delays I'm seeing are normal), and disabling the hardware acceleration doesn't help. BTW, disabling hardware acceleration for a graphic editing application is a nonsense — I think C1 has serious problems in this area.

  • Ingo Polster

    Also unusable here on a Macbook Pro M2 Max. When i close the application and opoen again it takes like 1Minute. Downgraded now to 16.3.8.
    Copied all pictures to a new session and its fast like always again. 

  • tormen dantler

    @Ingo Polsterfoodle

    In my personal experience, it also worked perfectly and didn't have any major issues with as much shooting frequency as I was working.

  • Thomas Kyhn
    Top Commenter

    Perhaps related. I've recently started seeing delays when editing; sometimes when I adjust a parameter it takes a while before Capture One responds, five to ten seconds sounds about right. I don't remember seeing this before. I also use an M1 Mac (Max 64GB).

  • George Ball

    I've just started having issues with CO 16.3 and 16.4 not renaming the files or deleting them from disk. Import is slow also.  I'm using an M1 Mac Studio with Sonoma


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