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New Suggestions for New Forum



  • Jim MSP
    Fine by me.

  • Peter Jones
    Hi Drew

    This is a good idea, thank you.

    Yes, it's always difficult to know how to deal with a mismatched post. I think my main problem in Cap1 forums is that people do not give enough information on their OS/software and perceived problems.

    If I understand correctly where we are heading with this new forum, we are seeking knowledgeable and positive reports on how to make the most of what Cap1 has to offer. So posts will probably be longer and (hopefully) less critical.

    Even so, an expert steer from you will be very welcome!

  • Tan68
    Good deal. I was replying in a thread to second the idea for a forum to discuss using the software. I noticed it has been done. I think this is a good idea.

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