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Importing only RAWs matching pre-selected JPGs



  • Andriy.Okhrimets
    Unfortunately there is no such kind of automation ever exist to my knowledge.
    Why not use software like Phtoto Mechanic to cool down photos, and then import only keepers into C1 from specific location.
    This is typical workflow, which is much faster, then double playing with RAW+JPG at least to my knowladge
  • Janne Pirinen
    Ok - thanks for checking this one out.

    I already scripted a solution for this one with AppleScript and it nicely now copies RAW files from pointed media (memory card) of selected/highlighted JPG-files in C1 to my external hard drive's folder where all other images are. Now only missing part from automation wise is how I could automatically open import dialog or even automatically add just copied RAW-files to my default catalog - any ideas or sample AppleScript ?

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