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Question about JPEG editing



  • Tan68
    I don't know much about catalogs...

    C1 allows editing of TIF and JPG. I use C1 to work with JPG images sent to me by friends... If there is a feature C1 supports for RAW but not for JPG/TIF, I haven't found it.. I use white balance dropper with the C1 skin presets, layers, color tool. Whatever. Even the 'highlight' tool tries to do its thing, but that doesn't work too well with JPG, of course!

    If you are trialing the software and aren't able to edit these files, it must be enabled in Preferences.

    + Edit > Preferences > Image tab
    check boxes to enable JPG or TIF or PNG editing.
    I think they are off by default..
  • PhaseoneUser27775
    Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.
  • NetanyaD90
    This is in fact me again - it took time for my updated email and profile to get from the site to the discussion pages!
    In the end, I used the trial for C1 Pro 7 and was very impressed. Since there is a nice sale now (half price) I decided to get it. So, now I am also a user. Thanks for the help.
  • Tan68
    I am aware of the things Lr has added but haven't ever felt I made a bad choice.

    Your new name is better.
  • NetanyaD90
    Thanks. I did try out LR 5 and I was not able to get the results I got with the C1 and I tried equally hard both with LR and C1 - and I am equally inexperienced with both of them. So I think the test was fair. If I ever want to make a nice slide show, I can just use iPhoto, I don't need to reduce the level of the processing for the sake of some extra thing, although it makes sense, with the absence of Aperture, that all the companies will now try to add extra goodies just to get a wider appeal. The one thing, perhaps "missing", is red eye correction.

    I am going to spend some time watching tutorials and reviewing the user guide and perhaps watching some webinars.

    My name is based on my camera D90, and where I live - Netanya.
  • Tan68
    I had the same results when I tried both C1 and Lr.
    I believe good results can be had from Lr, but I wasn't able to get them with the same level of inexperience between C1 and Lr. Whatever results I do get with my work...!, I also found it easier with C1.

    I had to look up Netanya.
    First results on duckduckgo is a nice picture of the city from the air.
    I live in the middle of America. Kansas. Not near mountains and not near sea.
    But it is okay. Pretty nice climate. Got that, at least !

    Ah... red eye correction can be done by selecting the area/pupil with a mask on a layer and then using color editor tool to further refine the selection to just the red stuff. I take saturation down on the selected red color. Maybe adjust brightness a little on the selection as well. This is how I do red eye. I use the same technique for teeth... I guess I could just draw a mask on a layer and go, but I draw the mask and then do a color selection. I use the color selection to make the teeth look better (saturation) and then my masked area (drawn reasonably carefully) for any little bit of whatever else I might do with a little clarity or whatever. Maybe I don't need to do the color selection on top of the masks... but I Feel like it does a better job... ?? I mean, the teeth don't need to be uniformly white/gray from turning down saturation all together... I might want to get rid of any.. yellow tint or a tooth that has a color that doesn't match others...
  • NetanyaD90
    I was never in Kansas although I was on the east and west coasts North America. I'm sure it has some sites that look differently than what I have seen.

    What I meant was not a comment against LR. I am sure (I am in a trial with it) that it has many great features and qualities. I work in image processing and in computer vision so I am aware of camera pipelines and demosaicing and the like. However, I am not experienced in LR or C1. So basically I said the same thing - for someone who is starting off with these products, it apparently is easier to get good results with C1 than with LR. There are some comments about the user interfaces. I think that the C1 interface seems accessible. Some of the names like variants and sessions are sort of new to me. I also put my stuff in a referenced catalog - but did not make an album. If I make an album are things copied yet again, or just referenced for the sake of making an album? What is the difference between Session, Catalog, and Album?

    There is a help article about red eye reduction that basically says what you said - I was checking to see whether there is something that automatically does the red eye removal, finally!

    I used the spot correction tool. I based things on weird images that I took of graffiti - I am thinking of putting some graffiti images on my wall so I took these images - also in Netanya. So this is an interesting kind to test. The spot correction really worked well to in-paint the stuff I removed with the spot tool.

    I am gradually putting things on a backup server for free and I also bought a home cloud (MyCloud from WD) and I will use an older laptop as a backup server once I get everything downloaded and backed up initially. Once this happens, I will begin to go through everything and develop some sort of workflow.

    Do you keep your favourite images on some public site? If so, I'd like to see them.
  • NetanyaD90
    Sorry for replying to myself (and you) but as long as I am asking, I might as well ask the whole thing.
    I noticed that the lens profile for one of my lenses is not in the list - it is the Nikon 55-200 (I forget the min/max aperture values and the g or d or whatever, but non of the 55-200 are there). I used the generic or the 18-200 (!!).
    I asked the support about this and they said that they cannot discuss what the R&D has in store for new lenses.

    Do you know about how to add an additional lens that doesn't appear in the list? Are you a Nikon person and use this lens and perhaps have the profile for this? Do you know what I can do? Actually in LR, this profile does appear (one of the advantages that I found) and I would like to know that I can correct the lens issues for this lens in C1 as well.

    Thanks again 😊
  • Tan68
    >> For lens profile

    I use Pentax and some lenses have profiles but the ones I use most don't. A couple of my lenses do have profiles but I never think to check them... Lr does have a more comprehensive lens list, I think. They have the way to make your own profile..

    Mostly, I use perspective distortion tools. These help a lot because the camera isn't always as level and I should make it be.. I try. So, mostly the perspective tools and the chromatic aberration and purple fringe utilities. They work fine irrespective of lens profile.

    I have only a time or two used the lens correction distortion sliders or etc. I don't think things like this are often noticeable in pictures but it depends on the subject, of course. I don't remember which picture I used the lens correction distortion slider.. but I liked the effect.

    Perhaps not the same as the profiles that can be made with Lr, but I imagine a sample picture could be used to manipulate the sliders for typical correction and then save this as a general profile for the lens... There is a little drop down menu in the upper left (three horizontal bars) of the lens tool pallet. The profile could be recalled whenever you use that lens or lens/focal length for a zoom. Should work okay, I think. If I did this, I might take a picture square on to something for a sample and use the tools to correct barrel distortion or whatever. The perspective tools are for when the image is not taken square to something, of course, and they work with JPG. These lens correction tools only like to work with RAW files. So, Here is a thing that can not be done with JPG edits...

    >> For album and session

    I don't use catalogs. I think the album is virtual. It just references files so there is no actual duplication. Catalogs are similar to the method that Lr maintains image information, of course. The album helps organise things within the catalog. You may have a great pile of images and some of them in a beach album or home album. Some may be in more than one album. But I haven't used those things much...

    The biggest difference between session and catalog, I think, is that the session is completely free of any management. This can be good or bad, I guess.

    In a session, the images can be in whatever folder structure you use on your computer. Kind of like a referenced catalog. But different from a referenced catalog, the edits (sidecars) for your images are stored in subdirectories of the directory that holds the image file. In the catalog, the edits are stored in the catalog database. Session, they are just in hidden subdirectories visible if you enable 'show hidden files' in Windows file browser.

    When a session is created, C1 recommends a few starter folders. A broad organization... There will be Capture, Selects, Output, and Deleted. I might have a session for each holiday. I keep my pictures in folders by city or whatever. While images can be stored literally anywhere, I do tend to put them as subdirectories in the Capture folder just to keep everything together...

    I add each city folder as a Favorite for the session. This way, C1 can search the subdirectories under the Capture folder (by default, C1 only looks in the four starter folders). With the city folders as favorites, I can search for 5 stars in Athens or wherever.

    I made some other notes about sessions here: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=16347 (at the bottom). There are some notes about using Windows file browser or C1 for some file management. There are some good times to use C1 instead of Windows file browser...

    >> "...Once this happens, I will begin to go through everything and develop some sort of workflow. "

    I am trying to figure out what I will do. I have taken many pictures but haven't ever spent much time working on them. To be honest, I have changed much in the way I do things the last several weeks. I feel like I have learned a lot. So, I am reworking many things... Now, whether I have learned Enough is another thing ! :^)

    I am starting to put some pictures up at
    It has been a struggle. If you would like to look at them, I would appreciate to know what you think... But none of Kansas. I usually only take pictures when I go somewhere so they are travel pictures.

    You have any pictures from your area ?
  • NetanyaD90
    Thanks for all your help. We have been sort of in the middle of an "operation" here lately so I did not really have a lot of time to get back. I hope things are beginning to get back to normal.
    I have pics of my area and I'd be glad to share them with you. I don't currently use sharing software but I do have some clouds - I will need to see how to do this or I will need to join some sharing group and post my pics!

    I asked another question just a few days ago about the colour editor in an adjustment layer.

    I made an adjustment layer. It has colour that is shared with the background, but I wanted to adjust the colour only in the layer.

    When I used the advanced colour editor and picked my colour, when I checked the box to only show the colour I picked, it did not "grey out" that colour in the background, and indeed, when I adjusted the colour (lightness, for example) it managed to change it not only in the adjustment layer, but in the entire image. I made sure that the "adjust selected layer" was checked, and I selected that layer (the background is always checked so I can't get rid of it).

    Any idea where I'm going wrong?

    Please remain in touch even though we are in a little situation here in Israel!

    Be well,
  • NN635485432242487555UL
    Hi, I'm new to C1. I downloaded version 8, to test. Once imported my old JPEG both from my Lightroom catalog and from a file directly I can not edit the files. I already tried to check and uncheck the option "Preferences"> "Images"> "Edited", but still can not modify the images once imported.
    Any help please.

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