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Confused C1 Newbie regarding two computers (Windows)


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  • brianmerwin
    So - Capture One doesn't utilize a database in the same way Lightroom (for example) does.

    Within the session, and then inside the Capture folder (assuming you haven't selected a different folder for your new images), there is another sub-directory called CaptureOne (ex. [SessionName]/[Capture Folder]/CaptureOne/

    Inside of that CaptureOne directory there are a number of things including adjustments, previews, metadata etc. It's all proprietary to Capture One Pro's workflow.

    To achieve what you're asking about, you need to do is to have the entire contents of the session saved on to the external drive you're planning to work on. Plug that drive in to whichever computer you'd like to work on, open the session and you should be good to go.

    Having said all of that, working on an external hard drive will have a negative impact on speed and the fastest, most efficient approach is to be working on an internal SSD on whichever computer you're operating on, and then make backups to that external drive (I recommend ChronoSync on OSX, but most especially suggest using literally anything other than Time Machine).

    Hope that helps - good luck!

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