Capture Pilot no longer working



  • Andrew Paquette
    Addendum: I just paid the $14.99 in hopes it would work. At first it didn't, then it did, but now it isn't. Software is kind of useless now.
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  • Ulf Liljegren
    Contact support right away so we can help you out.
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  • NNN637128711203759521
    Paqart wrote:
    After working without any serious problems for the past five years or so, CP no longer works.

    1) Set network to AdHoc or local WiFi on IQ3-100 DB
    2) Set WiFi to match camera on iPad Pro
    3) Open CP
    4) Click on Phase One in server list
    Either "no servers found" or list of blank icons with filenames appear, matching filenames on CF card. Almost as soon as they appear, they disappear in order, like falling dominos. Then, "no servers found," or Files are displayed on If files displayed, a message to pay $14.99 for the camera controls is briefly displayed, along with a grayed-out camera control box. Then, either the program closes itself, a "no servers found" message is displayed and all icons disappear, or the software functions normally for about five minutes. Then, "no servers found" and the app hangs.

    I have tried reinstalling twice, without luck.

    facing same problem lately
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