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Folders and Catalogs



  • Paul Steunebrink
    Yes on both counts. The variant is an image file property, not related to a collection or folder or view.

    On exception is that in Smart Albums you can have one variant, but not the other is the distinction between the variants is the search rule of the Smart Album. In plain English, with a Smart Album for 5-star rated images, and a serie of variants of one images only one does have 5-stars rated, only that one will show in the Smart Album.
  • Helmut Kaufmann
    Thanks a lot for the response, Paul. Have a great weekend. Now I continue to look for a good responsive gallery where I can just drag and drop images (and do not have to manually do .html files). It is amazing how many of the jQuery related galleries and alike still require me to manually "fill in" the file names of the images I want to display as opposed to just displaying what is in a folder - well, Zenphoto does but that is not fully responsive and gesture-capable...

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