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Selecting keepers and rejects



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter
    What I do currently is import the images, then select them all (Cmd-A or Ctrl-A on Windows I assume) and press 1 to give them all one star. Then I go through them quickly in turn and press 2 on the ones I think I might keep. I work in Sessions, rather than Catalogues, and I then transfer all the 2-star ones to my Selects folder. If there are too many of those to work with conveniently, I go through them again and either promote them to 3 star or demote them to one star.

  • Peter Orczykowski
    Cheers Ian, I am experimenting with something like that. Since I don't really use colour labels, I thought about initially applying say red to all rejects and then deleting them all in one stroke after using colour filter. The only thing is C1 doesn't seem to have a keyboard shortcut to assign colour tag... If that's the case I will have to resort to using star rating like yourself. This would mean however altering my existing system of using star ratings.
  • Alveric
    Yes, it does: try the numeric pad: Red is -. Green is +, if I remember correctly.

    If it doesn't work, then it's easy to assign keyboard shortcuts in the Preferences. That's what I did, so now, for me: Green = 1, Yellow = 2, Red = 3, Orange = 4, and so forth, all the way to 8, which removes the colour tag.
  • Peter Orczykowski
    Brilliant, it works!
  • SFA
    NNN635397989495214331 wrote:
    Coming from Aperture and having difficulty finding a suitable replacement for a fast way of going through images in the viewer and marking keepers and rejects. Is there an equivalent system in C1 and if not how do you handle this?

    The "Move to Selects" and "Move to Trash" features would be the suggested method (I would have thought). Is there some aspect of those features that make them unsuitable for your needs when assessing each image?


    ETA: Re-assessing this it occurred to me that you are probably using catalogs (I don't) in which case the only "instant" selection criterion seems to be "Delete" which is "Move to Trash". The implication is that anything else has been selected although that may not be entirely suitable for your needs if you work with a selection of similar shots, process those and then move on the the next set of what you choose to retain.

    The star ratings may be another option for you - but in the end it will come down to what you feel comfortable with.
  • Peter Orczykowski
    I am using catalog. Both Aperture and Lightroom provide very efficient method of identifying rejects. As you browse images in full screen, it is a single keyboard stroke that adds image to the "collection" You can then either review them again or delete all with a single command. Fast and efficient.

    Colour tags here will do the job as well for me as I'd prefer to continue to use my star system for keepers. Hitting "minus" to allocate red is just as quick. After that it is a single mouse click on the filter menu, followed by cmd-A and delete. Almost as good - I'll be happy with that.


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