Importing A Session Into A Catalog Skips Folders/Collections



  • Paul Steunebrink
    When you import an entire session into a catalog, you should see the session, its session folders, albums, and favorites within a Project in the catalog. Note that a Project is a search boundary, meaning you can not search through different sessions in your catalog.

    At least, that is what I think about how it works.

    You said you verified the session. Have you verified the catalog already?
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  • Michael Woeller
    Paul, thanks for taking a moment. I have not verified the catalog itself, since I created a totally brand new one, I figured i had no need. I may have been unclear before since i was typing in haste. My steps have been thus far:

    - Create totally new catalog (Titled Motorsports - 2019 if it matters)
    - Attempt to import a session from on event (say, Bertil Roos 2019\(06-29-2019) In The Pits\(06-29-2019) In The Pits.cosessiondb
    - Watch as the import begins. Capture, select and output collections appear, as well as All Images and 5 Star collection and favorites. There is a brief pause, and the counter next to Selects starts to go up.
    - Selects is imported and C1 begins rendering thumbnails. nothing comes into capture (For Note, in this example there are 695 images in Capture, 200 in Selects)

    It was at this point i figured to try to Verify the session. I deleted the catalog and made a new one and Verified the session, which failed (The failure was in the Stacking Relationships section?) I repaired the session and opened it to make sure all the data was there. It was, with one image having an extra metadata preset applied that I had not used. I fixed that and repeated the above steps, and had the same result. I verified the session again and it failed.

    but reading your post, am i chasing the wrong thing? if I will not be able to search across sessions in a new catalog, should i just import the files in their folders?

    I hope that was a bit clearer. There are so many things to love about C1 over Lightroom, but this may be a bit of too big a hiccup to get over. I have had issues with crashing and metadata in the past, but chocked it up to system resources. i don't think that is the case here now that the system is an 8 core with 32GB RAM and an RTX 2080 gpu...........
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