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Using Mac and Win on the same Catalogue



  • RobiWan
    Hey Robert,

    I'm using the same Catalog on OSX and Windows.
    It is not difficult to realize but you have to make some entries in the database itself

    Its work perfect for me but I believe its not a supported way.
  • Andriy.Okhrimets
    Unfortunately I experienced same thing with catalog.
    C1 looks like has poor support of same catalog in which files are stored outside catalog as linking to files is not same for mac and pc.

    Only workaround is locate files.
  • RobertJosephBailey
    Just for the record I have found a way around this.

    On Mac open Finder and click through to the top directory where the pictures are stored, after a little while the files will be located.

    It's the same on Win except you use Explorer rather than Finder.



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