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Skin Tone Tool - other uses



  • Jim MSP
    A good idea, and probably easy to implement if you have a standard for the color you want. What did you use for the red?
  • Tan68
    No standard... The red flower had a blue cast. I had used Color Tool to rotate hue a bit. Skin Tone evened things out; not all the flower was blue... With things evened out, I could better correct by adjusting hue. Without evening out, some spots were 'over corrected' if I adjusted hue enough to get the blue gone.

    Anyway, I don't have a color profile for the camera by ISO and etc...
    So, this all worked well.
  • rstr
    I've also used Skin Tone to get a more uniform color for correction, and find it to be very useful for that. However, before someone explained to me how to use it for purposes outside of skin tones, I never used it at all. Not a well-named tool, IMHO.

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