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Leica Q digitally zoomed DNG import



  • brianmerwin
    NN635373466317908000UL wrote:
    Is there any way to make C1 to do the same?

    Unfortunately not. At least not at the moment (though I wouldn't hold my breath on this one).

    Phase One (understandably) doesn't really put a ton of time & effort into offering support for manufacturers of competing camera systems, and Leica has their own digital medium format lineup.

    I'm sure that Leica is as much to blame here as well and are probably a little resistant to opening up some of their SDK features in order to allow Capture One to make full use of the data in those files.
  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter
    The DNG from the camera is effectively a raw file and contains information that is not in the cropped version of the file. Therefore the C1 approach is to give you all the information that is there and not throw any of it away. If you wanted to have the DNG cropped the same as the JPG and you have imported both, you could copy the crop from the first JPG to the first DNG in your batch, and then copy that crop to all the others in the batch in one go, so it doesn't need to be too time-consuming.

  • HansB
    What about creating a set of standard crops and saving them as user styles?

    Do twice (landscape and portrait), apply whenever you need them. You will need to switch off 'hide distorted areas' to be accurate, but you are cropping it anyway. Just include that 'hide distorted areas' setting in your user style.

  • Benjamin Bezine


    I know this topic is old, but I made an open-source script to apply the Leica Q/Q2 crop in Capture One:

    Unfortunately, it's mac-only as there's not scripting in Windows version. Feel free to try!



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