Privilege Mode



  • IanW
    I don't know what happened but I recall someone mentioning this once before. Try searching the forum. Also I wonder whether it has anything to do with selecting the correct licence.

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  • Paul_Steunebrink
    How is your license activated? Maybe your installation of Capture One is not able to reach the activation server via the corporate network, which it needs to see at least once in a month, approximately.
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  • SFA
    NN636481304257412331UL wrote:
    I have been using Capture One 20 at work for about a month. Now when I open the software I am not able to access the files. On top next to the Help icon there's another icon that says "Privilege Mode"

    Anyone know what has happened? This first occurred on Friday, Jan 31st.

    You mention "at work".

    Is the installation on a network that may be running the Enterprise version of Capture One?

    Or perhaps the Cultural Heritage version?
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