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Making various photos selections - any tips ?



  • John Doe
    I use stars for different states of adjustment (from 0 (rejected) to 5 (work finished, ready for publication)), and color tags to indicate for instance that a given picture was uploaded to my *G*allery (green), or *P*rinted (purple).
  • cdc
    Star rating plus color ratings should cover most bases and can be easily sorted using filters. Albums can be used to refine things further into categories and smart albums are useful for automating albums, creating an album based on exif data for instance.

    I prefer not to use the "selects" folder because I like to keep the images grouped together as they were shot.

    I'd be curious to hear how others are using the selects folder though.
  • Ivo Sedlacek
    I somehow cannot see now the "selects" any more - where is it ? 😊

    Within the user collection - what is the difference between album, smart album, project, group ?

    I hope that when adding something to user album, the file is not doubling but it is just referred to .

    When using colour tags - how to see all the photos with various tags together, not just the photos belonging to the selected colour tag ?
  • cdc
    It seems as though you are speaking to catalogs, as a session user I'm not familiar with the catalog structure and someone else can help you better than myself.

    That said the selects folder is with in a session (not sure if it exists in catalogs), an album is manually operated by creating it and putting photos in it, a smart album is an album you that works based off exif info. For example you can create smart album that will include all images taken with the aperture set to f/11, or f/11 from a red color rating, or f/11 from a particular lens & camera, etc.

    For viewing more than one color tag hold down the command key and select as many color tags as you'd like in the filter tool, same goes for star ratings.

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