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Suggestion for the export module



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter
    You can set up process recipes to include or not include a watermark. So for instance it is easy to set up two identical recipes (perhaps to create a JPG at 1500 px longest edge) except that one of them applies a watermark and one doesn't.

  • Umberto Uderzo
    Yes i did notice that.

    I noticed also that C1 takes several seconds to switch from a recipe to another (about 4-6 seconds) and i was guessing that applying the selected recipe to all pictures could be the bottleneck. Maybe i'm wrong.

    Anyway, this is not too much annoying. Whan i find annoying is the need to resize the watermark each time i change the resolution. Yes i can define several recipes one for each resolution with the correct watermark set in size and offset, but this doesn't work if i have a recipe that resizes the picture at 50%. By keeping fixed the camera used to shot the pictures, if i apply a crop i get differently sized (proportionally) watermarks.

    Nothing i cannot live with, but just to suggest an improvement.

    Cheers! Umberto

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