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Unsupported lenses



  • SFA
    NN635748992371868812UL wrote:

    For my first post in this forum Im curious to know how people deal with unsupported lenses in post production...

    I guess the options are not to care or bother about it?
    Or Use the generic option? Does this work well?
    Or create your own lens profiles? Is this difficult?

    Other ways to deal with it?

    Cheers and thanks for any response Ill get on this one.

    Hello Peter and welcome to posting in the forum.

    Your first two options are the available options.

    As far as I know there is no way to create lens profiles BUT some aspects of lens profiles (not so much distortion issues but lighting consistency and colour casts) can be addressed by considered use of the LCC feature.


  • Christwo
    The only lens of mine that is not supported is a Sigma, mind it is for Canon.

    So as a 'Nikon user' I find the canon profile fine works for me. However, I do find myself setting it on case by case basis as I have not found a way to set the canon sigma profile by default.

    Hopefully future versions of the software will include a wider range of lenses.
  • Andriy.Okhrimets
    Use generic lens profile and go from there. Unfortunately lens profiles can be generated only PO, and if you kind enough you can send them your lens and profile it. At least what they claimed.
  • Peter Risholm

    Thanks for all the helpful responses. Much appreciated 😊


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