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Workflow from 2 computers?



  • mli20
    I have chosen to use an external harddisk which I connect to whichever computer I happen to be working on. Saves me the copying, not to mention a lot of time.

  • Brandon Harris
    I finally got it figured out.. What I was doing wrong, was moving images on the laptop into the 'Selects' folder. The settings / adjustments are actually in the .cos files, like I thought, so in order to get this to work how I wanted, I just can't use the 'selects' feature (or I have to manually merge the laptop/desktop 'Selects' folder contents). I'll will just have to use ratings/color tags to denote 'selects' if I'm going to subsequently import this child session into a parent session.

    So for the record, merging two sessions looks like this..

    Open your parent session. Choose import, and import the specific 'Capture' sub-folder on your child session (these 'Capture' sub-folders are created only in 'Tethered' mode, I believe they're just in the root session directory/folder if not using 'Tethered' mode.).

    For me, this means copying my child session folder up to a network drive, then pointing my desktop Capture One instance to import this network directory (and not the root level directory, just the actual sub-folder with the images I wanted).

    This will import all of the images from the child session into the parent session. You may need to check the 'use previous adjustments' box in order for any changes made within the child session images to get them to apply when imported into the parent session (I didn't try NOT checking the box, as checking the box worked to import all my changes/adjustments).

    This will create a new Favorites album with the directory name in the parent session, and the images will come intact with the star rating / color tags, etc.. They'll also now be populated in 'All Images' and any smart folders / searches you make across the parent session.
  • John394
    I have a similar topic so I will just post it here...

    I have a MacBook Pro used for session tethered shooting, adding additional Capture subfolders for each shot in the day. I need to be processing images as the shoot is happening and doing it on one computer is just to slow...

    What I am testing... After "Shot 1" is done on the MacBook I copy that folder to an iMac that I have networked running it's own session. I make the Shot 1 folder a favorite and if there has been any ratings or adjustments they show up on the iMac. I do final tweaks if needed and process out the files.

    Now at the end of the day my iMac session becomes the "Final" and I back it up. What the iMac session doesn't do is show there are subfolders in the Capture folder's drop down menu. They are in the favorites because I add them there. I assume this is because I am adding the folders through the "Finder" and not in the C1 Library. Will this cause me any issues later besides the generic library folder structure? Am I missing other important things? I could "Import" the files over the network and then create subfolders in the iMac session, it's just an additional step and C1 has so many of those extra steps...

    Finally I will add the daily sessions to a master catalog for that client... Any thoughts on this are welcome!!
  • BOO
    Using EIP files could be also another workaround to make sure that all your settings are with your files I guess...

    But I would rather copy whole folders...
  • John394
    I was thinking of the EIP route but have never tried it. I work for a photog that drags images (not folders) between computers and its a small nightmare to keep track of where things are to backup. EIP probably suits his "Workflow" 😊

    Yesterday I did actual importing of files to my iMac session from the camera/laptop and it keeps the session pretty tight and organized. I didn't make organized shot folders on the camera laptop. Instead I just had them shoot into the capture folder and did all the organization on the iMac after importing. It does take longer to import than to copy the folders over the network but I'm only dealing with a couple hundred images per shot at the most so it's not bad.

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