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Reduce Display Folder Hierarchy



  • Paul Steunebrink
    In the Library tool, you can select Show/Hide Folders Hierarchy. Click on the 3 dots top right in the tool.
  • Fred Appleton
    Although this solution is not very flexible (it is all or nothing) it does reduce the display space of the folder hierarchy and will be useful. Thank you.
  • Thomas Nosella
    I have to say this is the one feature (lacking) that is holding me up from buying C1P. I also store all my photos in a folder tree and to have to navigate down to my chosen root folder every time is cumbersome. If there was some way to define a root folder and dont show any hierarchy above that root, that woudl save display space and time. This is what I had in LIghtroom and boy would I love to get away from LR 😊 .
  • Ian Leslie
    Agreed it would be helpful - be sure to put in a support request to suggest that as an enhancement. I cannot say it gives me much grief I only have to drill down a few layers to get to my image folders but if I had a deeper hierarchy before getting to the good stuff I might feel differently.

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