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Alex on Raw explained how to read C1 LAB. Now what ?



  • Lars Hennings
    Here, I’ll not go into a detailed explanation of how LAB works, you can easily google it yourself.
    The basic concept is pretty simple. LAB contains three channels: L stands for Lightness and contains luminance information only, A and B channels define colors. A channel contains data about greens and magentas, B channel about yellows and blues.

    LAB is a modell of colors as RGB is another.
  • Kumsa Jack
    Thanks Lars, I'm not Alex, but that's ok.

    Doesn't sound like anyone actually does anything with C1 regarding the exposed LAB values for their workflow.
  • Lars Hennings
    Hi, it is quoted from Alex:
  • Brian Patterson
    I used to post process in LAB with PS to make visual effects in the L channel without messing up the AB color channels. Great for corrections that might affect color like sharpening, posterizing and high contrast adjustments, etc. Been a long while since then...
  • earth oliver
    I'm not sure if this could ever be implemented, but HSB values are 100x easier to visualize and interpret than any of the other color spaces.
    In Ps, my info panel is always set up so that the left column is the current color space and the right column is for HSB.If you've never spent much time with it, i'd suggest giving it a run and you'll quickly see what i'm talking about.

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