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Panorama in RAW format ?


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  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter
    In a word, no! Capture One can't do that, and it is perhaps logical because it always leaves your raw files unaltered.

    What I do if I am making a panorama is to do as much to the raw files as I can before I stitch them together. I make sure that the white balance is the same, and make sure that whatever adjustments I do to one are copied to the others. It helps to have identical exposure in the first place (so I often use manual exposure when I take the shots) even if you decide you need to change it in Capture One (the same on each one). So I might have the same adjustments to exposure, same levels adjustments, same contrast adjustment and so on.

    Then I process the files in Capture One to create output that I can stitch. (My favourite app for that at the moment is Affinity Photo, but of course there are a lot of choices.) The file you get from your stitching can be opened in Capture One (a JPG perhaps) and you could make some further adjustments to it, but in general you are likely to get the best quality by doing as much of your adjusting as possible to the raw files before you out put them for stitching.


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