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Whitewall: embed ICC profile or not when sending TIFF



  • Andriy.Okhrimets
    yes, this quite common process, so sRGB is always preffered way, because profiles they provide are only for soft proofing.
  • Philippe Rouquet
    Thank you for clarifying.

    What about output sharpening with these printing labs?

    Do you disable it or leave it on?

    Philippe Rouquet
  • Andriy.Okhrimets
    Depends from a lab, I usually do small amount of sharpening, but it also depends from a size which I am printing. Bigger size image I am printing usually smaller amount of sharpening applied, to remove visible artefacts. But I do extensively use clarity.
  • Alan OBrien
    I just finished watching this same webinar and this is exactly the same question I had, but hope to get just a bit more clarification of what happens on the lab end (and what will the end printed result be?)...

    In the webinar (, David Grover, explains that White Wall image requirements are:
      300 dpi
      sRGB embeded profile

    He then creates a recipe using the White Wall ICC profile, then processes/outputs the file (embedding the White Wall ICC Profile), then later explains the upload process to the lab (using the file with the White Wall ICC profile). (Granted, he fielded many questions between those two steps. Therefore, I'm guessing that he might have lost track and might not have intended to process/upload the file with the embedded White Wall ICC profile, especially given the lab's requirement of an sRGB profile).

    So... if I understand correctly, files should be edited/processed and proofed using the lab profile which can be done either via:
    View > Proof Profile > Your chosen lab profile, or
    View > Proof Profile > Selected Recipe (and selecting the recipe with the labs ICC Profile)

    Then, after competing the processing of the file using the lab's ICC profile, I would need to select a different recipe that has sRBG as the ICC Profile and process/output a file to send to the lab.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on any of this so far, but I think I got that down.

    Assuming that I am correct on the above... what happens when it's processed by the lab?
    I ask because I have two recipes:
      -one using the lab's profile
      -the second using sRGB

    When I toggle between them, they look significantly different.

    For the record, my Proof Profile setting is to soft-proof "selected recipe."
    So my confusion lies in this... I corrected the image to my liking using the lab ICC profile, but when I change my selected recipe to the sRGB recipe in order to process/output the file, the result is darker and more saturated.

    So... to put a finer point on this question, when this goes to print, will the lab:
      A. revert back to their profile when they print (yielding a print similar to my soft-proofed image using the lab's ICC profile), or
      B. print according to the darker, more saturated sRGB (yielding a print similar to the sRGB recipe/output file)



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