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Syncing Co7 pro and media pro



  • Oliver Wenzel
    This is my first post here in the forum as I'm desperately seeking a solution for that what rave81 was asking as well.

    Here is the workflow that I would like to implement:
    * Continue to use MP as DAM
    * Importing (from my Leica), tagging, moving, deleting, renaming, etc, etc. files with MP
    * Select the pictures that I want to edit in MP and open it in C1
    * Make all the amendments that are required
    * Save the improved, developed RAW files on my iMac (Leica DNG, Nikon NEF) so that I see them back in MP
    * Transferring JPEG's to my NAS in one single process step parallel to the above RAW development step

    I would like to use CO1 only in case a picture needs some amendment. This means: I don't care about catalogues in C1 because I would only use it as RAW development engine, anything else should be done in MP.

    Is that a too demanding request? Has anyone realized such a workflow? At least the marketing material is saying it should work 🤓
  • Oliver Wenzel one?
  • RobiWan

    I must admit I did not understand what problem you have exactly.
    I'm no more MP user because I mean its all possible what you want.
  • Jim MSP
    I'm not sure what I do will help you, as I use CO in a sessions mode only.
    I send the photos I want to process from MP to a CO session. After I process them, which often includes outputting a tiff or jpeg to a new subfolder, I go back to MP, select the master folder for those photos, and just use the command "update folder now". I have never really liked the "auto update" feature for a folder, but it does work.

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