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Should you have card in camera when tethering ?



  • Benjamin Liddle
    This can affect performance, we don't recommend it. Typically, tethered with a card in the camera can cause the Camera tool to appear to be connected and waiting for a file to "come down the pipe" so to speak, but the file is instead written to the CF card. Best to have a card handy but not in the camera itself and leave the tethered workflow strictly tethered.
  • NNN636367393922098515
    This is actually some good advice Ben - i never really considered not having a card in the camera. I guess i'm just so used to it. I might try removing the cards to see if performance increases!
  • Christian Gruner
    Another note, from a practical stand-point, for those using the notorious USB micro type plugs, that are prone to disconnects:
    If you have a card in the camera, you might not notice the disconnect, and your following images will go to the card instead, and you'll then have to import manually, sync counters and so on.
    So I would also recommend to disable the "shoot with no card" option, and remove any cards, when shooting tethered with Capture One (and of course use a good cable relief, so you don't disconnects anyhow).

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