Viewer stuck on a single photo



  • SFA

    I have 2 thoughts on this.

    Firstly there may be some mismatch in the software in Win 10  .NET versions for example. It may be worth checking for that.

    Secondly that Windows might be putting up a window that expects a response but you cannot see it for some reason. It will not move until a response is obtained or another action aborts the window display process.

    I use Win 10 on a an older Notebook and do not have the problem that you describe although I did have some strange and similar display oddness in the very early days of beta testing. I culd never get things to repeat on demand and eventually the strangeness disappeared anyway.

    Rebooting a few times would be a normal recommendation but is you see the same thing across 2 devices and they are not being used for identical parallel processes it is unlikely that you would get the same results due to a random glitch.

    The log files might tell something if you feel like taking a look at them.


    Are you by any chance working with multiple sessions/catalogues open at the same time?


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  • Luc_


    I have had the exact same problem, and the only solution was to free some memory.(like closing FF and 100+ tabs).

    Then the problem solved itself to never be seen again.


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