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HDR and Focus stacking.




  • Keith Reeder

    Keep them in a dedicated programme - this is a deeply "niche" activity, and Capture One has far better things to expend its limited resources on.

  • SFA

    C-M-B wrote:

    "Maybe just partner up with already existing software, it shouldn't be too hard. Seriously."

    Isn't that what the Heliconsoft plug-in is intended to offer?

    Is it mostly the Live View tethered control of focus stacking that is the issue? (Other than for those Phase backs that support such functionality.)

  • C-M-B

    Well calling HDR and focus stacking a niche activity....Yeah sure.
    If you never take landscapes, architecture, interieur, product or macro photos (including documentation for medicinal purposes, nature photography, jewellery,...) then yeah, it's pretty niche.

    There are a lot of dedicated programs that do a good job and some are better at removing noise than Capture One.

    Should Capture One therefore not offer a noise reduction?

    I'm sure in 2020 it's not too much to ask to implement a focus/HDR stacking method in one of the most expensive RAW editors.

  • SFA

    I think niche in the sense of "specialised" processing rather than "rare activity"  - although in the overall activity of photography I would guess that the majority of "stitching" and possibly "stacking" speciality activities are undertaken with phone cameras using dedicated applications in the phone  - giving whatever results they give.

    From what I have read over the years Heliconsoft is considered to be a leading player for quality stacking processing and there seems to be a partnership via the Plug-in option.

    Affinity (and PS iirc) also have stacking functionality. Most stacking systems that are not camera based will not be stacking with RAW files (AFAIK), though they may be doing some interim conversion to other formats as part of the process, so I do wonder how relevant a stacking routine is for a program that is currently primarily a RAW file converter.


  • C-M-B

    That's as may be but if we consider Photoshop to be the leading player for editing images with layers - would it have made sense not to introduce it?

    As for using plugins - sure, that's fine if it works well enough and you can still edit the files afterwards.

    I personally don't like to have to render the RAW images first and then stack them (as it would be necessary for Photoshop) and then lose all the flexibility of a RAW file.

    In my opinion there should be no reason why a stacked image (whether as a panorama or focus stacking or HDR) should be the result of one single file or not be based on RAW files (as long as they are all treated the same way and there's a process to align them automatically/manually - which would be similar to Keystones). There's no reason why it shouldn't just keep the original files and simply load all the combined RAWs into one virtual file, using all available data. Sure, the final rendering would take some time but other than that...

    And that flexibility simply does not exist with Heliconsoft or Photoshop - at least not as far as I know.

  • DaveG

    Do we have focus stacking in Capture One or ability to create HDR images (from more then one image).
    Only asking as can't understand why this is marked as "Completed"

  • BeO

    No we don't. I guess it is marked as completed because of a duplicate feature request which is already brought from here to the product team. Usually Lily or someone from C1 support leaves a comment when setting this label.

  • DaveG

    Thanks for reply, can only guess would have more meaning if there were different labels.

  • Tiago de Almeida

    I would also like to know what the completed status on this one means? Really looking forward for this!

  • C-M-B

    As far as I know "completed" means it has been forwarded to the developers.

    Now whether it will ever be implemented is a different thing, this is just a confirmation that support has seen the request and forwarded it.

  • Jeffrey Harris

    I was looking for an HDR stacking feature in Capture One and was really surprised to find it missing!

    Good thing I still have Lightroom around for that.

    The thought of having to spend more money to buy a third-party plug-in for what should be an integrated feature is certainly off-putting!

    Maybe Capture One will see the light one day…

  • FirstName LastName

    The same here. I've installed capture one about a year ago and removed it in 30 minutes. Actually I've even forgotten what was wrong. And now I've installed it one more time, tried to compare with Lightroom, and found that there is no HDR-merge tool. For me personally, it is one of the most important features. And yes, there is additional software that provides this functionality. But together with Capture One it costs two times more than Lightroom!

  • André Maurer

    Dear Lily

    When you see that a lot of your customers want those features (since a long time!) then, either way, include it (RAW HDR), make a proper SDK and include external developers or support RAW HDR DNG from Competitors ;-). The export is slow and cumbersome.

    An SDK that is universal and not attached to windows or mac would help with AI apps. At the moment it looks like this, that you sleep in the development and have not the possibilities to add AI features. Or even use Metal (long overdue) or a proper Apple M1 App. Maybe you are the better RAW converter at the moment, but Lightroom, Luminar and others are ready to overtake with nice helpers... Nobody wants to do the boring repetitive tasks like culling, straighten, select skin, hdr merge and a lot more, if there is AI help.

    Easy HDR Helper: An automatic filter for stacking bracketing shoots would be nice. To cull only through the Top picture and not all images. 

    Isn't it possible to read the horizon level from Nikon cameras? To make an automatic correction. (Or again us AI ;-))

    Sorry for the little rant. I'm just a little disappointed, that you have the best App for professionals in my opinion, but give away potential by not develop user-requested features or include developers. You rather make Pro Standard Profiles that are nice, but nobody asked for... I wanted to develop an AI app with developers, but the SDK is bad, which is also reflected in the SDK forum.

    I would really want to help with ideas from a photographer that make sometimes a bigger batch of pictures but also want to make them look good. Not only the "I make one picture nice" photographers, that you have at the moment ;-). Contact is on my website

  • C-M-B

    Well as soon as Lightroom catches up with the color rendition and fixes the sharpening/detail recovery CaptureOne will go the way of the Dodo.

    With the horrible support, the lacking interest in developing new features, the bugs that have not been fixed since version 11, the almost fraudulent behavior regarding their pricing schemes (it's illegal to offer a discount without ever having sold the product at the regular price), hiking up the prices while not adding any new features, taking a long time between updates, slow camera and lens support (it takes them months to add lenses that have been around for a long, long time), outdated catalog system, horrible NAS support and ignoring requests from users - it won't take them long to lose a lot of their current customers.

    PhaseOne totally ignored the wake of mirrorless medium format cameras and their current camera line simply isn't as attractive any more and fewer people are thinking about renting or buying them (especially younger photographers). And those are the ones who used to get hooked on CaptureOne during a job. And now they don't so they won't.
    So the current CaptureOne customers/owners are the most important (if not the only) reason for attracting future customers.
    Who else recommends this program to them? Who else can tell and show them it's worth the money (which it currently isn't)?

  • Reinier van Maanen

    As a starting photographer (no professional ambitions) I tried both Lightroom and C1. Stuck with C1 because I have a Fuji X-T3 and don't like having to take extra steps while importing to make sure the quality of my pictures is good (noticed a pretty big difference when looking at foliage). Also, the performance seems to be better on my machine.

    By now I really like working with C1. There were a few things I really did like a lot better in Lightroom though:

    • Stacking multiple images to create an HDR image. I'm seriously considering going over to Lightroom just for this. I don't want to go to external tools that don't leave me with a RAW file for further editing just to use C1.
    • Lightroom's cloud sync and corresponding mobile app for some quick edits on the go.
    • Lightroom could directly import from my Fuji X-T3 SD card. Having to copy to an import directory first to be able to import, is such an unnecessary step.
    • Having a history, so I see what I'm about to undo/redo.

    In the end (as an experienced developer myself) I can understand that having to build and maintain a mobile app is quite an investment and is also quite different than building desktop applications, so I can accept that it's missing.

    Not being able to import directly from all cameras is just a minor annoyance, so can overlook that as well. Same for the history.

    The biggest thing I really fail to understand is not implementing HDR support. Especially after searching for 'HDR' in the feature requests and seeing the number of people requesting this. Give some feedback on why this isn't being implemented, give a timeline on when it will be implemented, anything. Not the 'forwarded to the developers' for apparently multiple years.

  • Denis P

    Still no reaction from C1? Shame there is no HDR from bracketed images... Very painful, very painful....

  • Roger Bunting

    I consider myself a general/documentary photographer - using FujiX system. I'm deeply imbedded into the Adobe LR/PS CC systems but also use Capture One. There hasn't been an editing session in the last several months that I haven't at least once done a HDR/HDR-Pano/Pano/Focus Stack using either the merge options in LR or their counterparts in PS. 

    It just seems to me that my usage isn't all that out of ordinary. The newer cameras support these functions quite easily. Last week my whole landscape outing involved focus stacking from individual images with my Fuji cameras; at least two HDR panos. Two days ago, the lighting was weak so the whole session was HDR, very lightly HDR so as not to look like deer-in-headlights, just a bit of tone painting.

    We have these needs now more than ever because our equipment provides a nearly transparent way to acquire the foundational images.

    From a brand perspective, it seems like a weak corporate response to refer your customers to your competitor's products to fill in the holes that your users are so frequently pointing out.


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