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Allow to protect images/variants from modification




  • Official comment
    Jakob Boie Sørensen

    Hi Alexander,

    Thank you so much for reaching out and for the thorough explanation of the feature request. I have forwarded it to our developers.

    Best regards,

    Jakob, Capture One

  • Thomas Kyhn

    This would be very useful.

  • BeO


    Very good description!

    Did you "submit a request"?

  • Thomas Kyhn

    (A small detail that may not matter much, but anyhow, you need to, or at least you can, 'vote' for your own requests too.)

  • Manara

    Agreed and voted!

    This feature was requested several times in the old forum. 

  • Tom Lim

    Agreed and voted!

    Great idea and very well thought out request.

    I have also been victim to accidental editing on a photo!  I know it's my fault completely, but I would like to minimize the chances of me being an idiot! LOL

  • Simon Hammel

    I just searched for the same idea.    I have accidently made changes to images/ variants.   A simple pad lock to restrict most alterations would be very helpful to start with.  More specified locks and pass coding individual images would be something useful too, in a more advanced version.   I'd request the ability to alter the print size/ process size unlocked from a general lock to allow easy distribution / delivery options without changing the artistic choices, if possible.   


  • Noob with a Nikon

    +1. Locking variants would mean we could divert our attention to more important things than not accidentaly selecting the wrong image.


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