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C! Enterprise - Barcode scanner setup



  • Jason Dour

    Each barcode scanner comes with its own way of programming how it operates.  Refer to the scanner user manual.

    Mine, for example, programs itself by scanning barcodes from the manual.  By default the prefix/suffix (preamble/postamble in my scanner's manual) was not set.  I set it to a period (".") and C1E worked fine.

  • Larry Goodwin

    Thanks for the info. Mine is setup by scanning barcodes also that are defined in the user guide. Once I found out what characters could be used for the prefix and suffix I was good. I set it to a period also. Works great.

  • Jason Dour

    Glad to hear it!  :)

    For others who might be struggling with getting scanners setup, you can usually find the manual as a PDF online with some creative searching.  From there, you can usually figure out how to program the scanner.

    Also, if you are curious if your device is sending a prefix/suffix (or preamble/postamble), you can click on Configure Barcode Scanner in C1E, wait for the barcode window to open, and then switch focus to a text editor or other application ready to receive input. Scan the barcode given by C1E, and if your text editor shows you the number from the barcode without anything in at the beginning and end, then you aren't sending a prefix/suffix. :)


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