LIve View for Capture Pilot with Canon DSLRs



  • SFA



    Primarily this is a forum provided as a User to User facility. Users will not be able to answer.

    You are best advised to "Submit a request" and thus create a "Case" that the Support Team can pass on the the Product Management.

    Phase have a policy of not commenting on or speculating about future developments.On that basis one would not expect to get a reply - but you might get some interest and they might want to discuss with you what sort of functionality would be required.

    I suspect that having control over the design of the Camera, its firmware and the supporting software might be an over arching requirement to make that all work successfully so there could be some technical challenges that would be difficult to work around even if the will to do it is there and the camera manufacturers (or some of them) are interested.

    Might still be worth trying - there might be other approaches that people have used successfully and so could help you with some ideas.







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  • John70

    Thanks, Grant. I appreciate the info. I do have an open request about this and will hopefully get a response soon.  John

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